HANGER9 Model 12 Viking 120cc ARF, 89"

Airfoil Shape: Symmetrical
Approximate Assembly Time: 20+ Hours
CG (Center of Gravity): 63mm behind leading edge of lower wing. Range 60-70mm.
Completion Level: Almost Ready-to-Fly
Engine Size: 100cc - 125cc
Flaps: No
Flying Weight: 26-28 lb (12-13 kg)
Landing Gear: Yes
Length: 87.0 in (2.21 m)
Material: Balsa
Retracts: No
Spinner Size: 6 inch
Trimscheme Colors: Deep Blue, Cub Yellow, Silver
Wing Area: 2490 sq in (161 sq dm)
Wing Tube Length: 33.75 in (858 mm) (upper and lower). Anti-rotation pin: 335mm.
Wing Tube OD: 1.0 in (25.4 mm) (upper and lower). Anti-rotation pin: 8mm.
Wingspan: 89.2 in (2.26 m)