Extreme Flight RC YAK-54 91"

  • 本州:¥7,000
  • 北海道・九州:¥13,000
  • 沖縄・離島:¥16,000
Wingspan: 91 inches
Length: 87 inches
Weight: 17.5-20 lbs
Power: 50-70cc gas engine or 5000+ Watt electric setup (Hacker Q80-8M)

Modern computer radio with channel mixing capability and 5 high torque, Metal gear servos (300+ oz. in.) on control surfaces, standard servo on throttle. Hitec HSB-9380TH Highly recommended
Hitec 7950, 7955, JR 8711HV, Futaba BLS 157, Futaba S9157, Futaba BLS172SV, etc. are all possible options