T-Craft .20 Kit .20-.32,56"

SPECS:Wingspan:      56" (1422mm)
          Wing Area:     496.7 sq in (32.0 sq dm)
          Wing Loading:  17.5-21.0oz/sq ft (53.5-64.2g/sq dm)
          Weight:        3.75-4.5lbs (1705-2045g) prototype weight was around 3.75lbs
          Length:        40.75" (1035mm)
          Airfoil:       NACA 23012, semi-symmetrical
          Center of Gravity: 3" Back from the Leading Edge of Wing at Fuselage
          Degrees incidence:
                   Stabilizer: +2°
                   Wing:       +2°
                   Engine:     +3° up thrust, this is needed because the wing
                                  and stab are at a positive angle of attack.
          Control throws:                  High Rate   Low Rate
                   Elevator: (EACH WAY)     ?" (12.7mm)  5/16"    (8mm)
                   Rudder:   (EACH WAY)     1" (25.4mm)     ?" (12.7mm)
                   Ailerons: (EACH WAY)   5/8"   (16mm)  7/16"   (11mm)